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Re-configure Xbee3 to be compatible for ArcheryClock.

By default it is advised to use Xbee's series 1. The reason is because they are plug and play. (No need to reconfigure).
However, the series become scarce. Especially the pro version.
To overcome this issue, it is possible to use Xbee3 and downgrade them to be compatible with Xbee series 1.
This has 2 advantages:

  • Downgraded Xbee3 modules support 1 to many. (To ensure multiple Led screens receive the signal from the main system).
  • Downgraded Xbee3 is compatible with Xbee series 1. (You can use them mix and match).

This page explains how to downgrade the Xbee3 to Xbee series 1.


Step 1 Connect the Xbee3 to the computer and download XCTU

Connect the Xbee3 via the USB explorer to the PC.

Download XCTU see https://www.digi.com/products/embedded-systems/digi-xbee/rf-modules/2-4-ghz-modules/xbee3-zigbee-3#productsupport chapter Utilities.

For windows download https://ftp1.digi.com/support/utilities/40003026_Y.exe


Follow the instructions to install XCTU.


Step 2: Open XCTU and search for your Xbee

  • Open XCTU and press "discover radio modules".
  • Then select the com port where xbee is connected "USB serial port" and press Next.
  • At the port parameters window press finish.
  • finally press "add selected devices".


Step 3: Download the 802.15.4 firmware to XBEE3 module.

  • Click on the xbee module.
  • Select update.
  • Select Function set "Digi XBee3 802.15.4 TH".
  • Select Firmware version 2006.
  • Press update. (updating the firmware can take some time).


The Xbee module is ready to use.

Repeat these steps for the other XBee3 modules.

© 2020, Henk Jegers