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Indoor Outdoor

Indoor/outdoor. Also sometimes called FITA based on the old name of WA organization, it is possible to control indoor and outdoor matches like the now called 1440 round. Typically it controls the timing per end. And it controls who will shoot indicated by archers per target numbered A, B, C,  etc.


There is a variance called Bottom/Top which is basically the same as A-B  or AB-CD. Bottom/Top indicates during an indoor match if the archers assigned to bottom target face are shooting. Or the archers with top target face assigned.


From origin it was max 4 archers per target (numbered A to D). But in sometimes there was a need for more archers per target. So ArcheryClock is extended to the possibility of 6 archers per target (A…F).

There are different sequences to choose, depending on nr. Of archers per target. And nr. of archers per turn. (AB-CD, means 4 archers per target, A to D. and 2 archers per turn. A and B, or C and D).


By default the sequence of starting archer is changing per end. For example end 1: AB-CD, End 2: CD-AB. But it is possible to keep same sequence per end. For Example if Compound is Archer A, And recurve is Archer B on same target. Difficulty is equal per archer since Compound is a separate category as recurve.



To setup Indoor/Outdoor matches, go to the timing and sequence menu and select "indoor/outdoor" .







The settings for indoor/outdoor has 2 main sections. The sequence menu where you can set the number of archers per target (ABCD..). start every end with the same sequence or rotate repeat sequences, etc.


In the timing menu it is possible to adjust the time per end, time red. Timing for shoot-off, etc.


Setup sequence:

The first part of the sequence area determines number of archers per target and the number of archers per target per turn. For example AB-CD means

  • 4 archers per target
    (A to D)
  • 2 archers per turn
    (AB or CD)


When selecting [A], there is no archer shown on the screen. (There is only one turn so everyone is shooting).


The first item is Top-Bottom. In this case there are 2 target faces on top of each other. Bottom means the archers who shoot on the bottom target face. Top means the archers on the top target face. So this end has 2 turns.








Double ends.

Double ends is meant for long distance ends. 60 to 90 meter. Because of the walking distance to retrieve arrows, double number of arrows are shot (6 instead of 3 arrows) before retrieving the arrows. There are 2 ways to shoot double ends:



  • Double time. This is the most common way to double the ends. It simply means the archers get double the time (240 seconds instead of 120 seconds) to shoot double the amount of arrows (6 instead of 3 arrows).
  • Double turns. This is less common nowadays. It means every archer shoots 2 turns before retrieving the arrows. Every turn is still the standard time (120 seconds) and standard number of arrows. (3). However, in between the 2 turns for an archer, the other turns will happen. For example, sequence AB-CD results in AB-CD-AB-CD.

It is possible to change the number of practice ends by changing the practice ends box.



Sequence changes per end.

By default the practice ends repeat in the same sequence. While the counting ends changes per end. (Archers shooting the last turn, start next end in the first turn). However it is possible to change this.

  • By checking the checkbox "rotate practice ends", also at practice ends Archers shooting the last turn, start next end in the first turn.
  • By checking the checkbox "Start every end with sequence AB....", the counting ends will not rotate. So will start always with A...


There is a special setting possible named "Number of ends repeating this sequence". This one is meant for matches like the Vegas shoot or Kings of archery.

  • In those matches the counting arrows only rotate from first half of the match (first 30 arrows) to the second half of the match. (second 30 arrows).
  • If sequence is AB-CD and repeating ends is set to 10, the first 10 ends (30 Arrows) sequence AB-CD is used. The second half of the match (arrow 31 to 60) sequence CD-AB is used.

Setup Timing:

Although the default time for 3 arrows is 2 minutes. (120 seconds), it is possible to modify the time. Shooting time is seconds green and seconds Orange (yellow) counted together. By default 90 seconds (green) and 30 seconds (orange) is total 120 seconds. red time, prepare shooting is 10 seconds.



by using -1 (minus 1) seconds red, the time pauses at 0 seconds till the "next" key is pressed again. In this way it is possible to indicate archers to go to the shooting line. And instead of waiting 10 seconds, the system waits till all shooters are at the shooting line, and director of shooting presses "Next" again to move to "green" and archers start shooting


For Shoot-off timing, the default is 40 seconds. (10+30).






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