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Touch Portal


Touchportal is comparable to streamingdeck as an app on a smartphone. Basically the Touchportal Software on ArcheryClock (Windows) PC configures buttons with Icons to simulate ArcheryClock Controlling icons.

The Touchportal App on Smartphone shows the configured buttons and applies the function to control the timer.



  • Install the Touchportal software on the (windows) computer. Software is available via TouchPortal site.
  • Open Touch portal Software.
  • Remove all existing buttons by clicking the cross on right top site of the icon.(1)
  • Click on an empty icon to load an ArcheryClock icon. (2)





  • Click the import button on top side of the window



  • a window pops up to select a button. Go to the ArcheryClock directory. Select directory /touchportal/buttons/ And select a button. (in this example emergency.tpb).



  • Click save at the bottom of the window.



  • repeat the steps for all 8 buttons. Till the overview looks like this.




  • Next step is to install the Touchportal app on your smartphone.



  • Start the touch portal app. In most cases the app will connect to the computer via WIFI where touchportal is installed. And shows the buttons just installed. In case it doesn't connect, you need to setup the IP address from the computer where touchportal is installed.
    • click the setup icon
    • follow the setup wizzard





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