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Outdoor Sub Matrix: Install software on arduino.

Step 1: Install Arduino software on Your PC

To install the arduino software go to https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software and select "Windows Installer, for Windows XP and up"; (Follow the instructions to install).


Step 2: Install DMD2 (Dot Matrix Display) library on arduino software.

To install DMD2 library, go to Sketch --> Include Library --> Manage Libraries:

Search for DMD2 library and press install:


Step 3: Copy the ArcheryClock fonts to the DMD2 library

  • The ArcheryClock fonts are available in the ArcheryClock Zip file in directory: "arduinofiles/submatrix/AC_submatrix001/" (Version and higher).
  • Find the location of the DMD2 library. And add the ArcheryClock fonts to the fonts directory of the DMD2 Library. By default it is located in Documents --> Arduino --> Libraries --> DMD2 --> fonts



Step 4: Open the SUB Matrix ino file and select the correct Board and COM port.

Double click on the file AC_submatrix001.ino to open the Sub Matriix Arduino software. (You will find the file in ArcheryClock Software directory "arduinofiles/submatrix/AC_submatrix001/AC_submatrix001.ino" (Version and higher).


Select the correct COM port to arduino via Tools --> Port . (Com port number differs from PC/board)


Select the correct Board type via Tools --> Board . Select the Arduino MEGA or MEGA 2560.


Step 5: Uploadd the software to Arduino board.

Upload the Sub matrix software to Arduino board:


The arduino board is now ready to use.

© 2020, Henk Jegers