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Outdoor Sub Matrix



Build the hardware.

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Download material list. (electronics components only)

Notes about the material list.

  • Reconfigure / (Downgrade XBEE3) to Xbee series 1. To support 1 to many. And to be compatible with Ledstrip screens. For instructions see: http://www.archeryclock.com/xbee3_configure.html
  • Use a real Arduino Mega. (The alternative copies of the arduino Mega board can cause communication issues from XBee to Arduino).
  • The "DC-DC Buck Converter (12V to 5V)." needs to be adjusted before connecting to the matrix. Connect the 12 Volt to input and measure the output voltage. Adjust the voltage to 5 Volt before connecting to the Matrix.


As reference for building the screen it is useful to use the material list in combination with the schematics above. The material list is based n using the PCB from Dave Nesbitt .




Configure / upload the software hardware.

  • The Arduino software for Sub Matrix is available in ArcheryClock Software directory "arduinofiles/submatrix/AC_submatrix001/AC_submatrix001.ino" (Version and higher).

A detailed description to intall the software on arduino board is available via submatrixsoftware.html


  • Verify the correct com port in windows device manager.
  • Enable the connection PC to XBEE in ArcheryClock Software: settings menu --> Hardware
    select correct com port and enable the serial checkbox to start communication.


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