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Manage Scenarios.

Some matches are done in 1 scenario. Like an indoor match, 18 meter distance, AB-CD only.  

But it is more common to use different scenarios in a match.

For example a 70 meter round.

-Mostly starting with AB-CD.

-Followed by elimination rounds A-B without changing sequence  (A-B, A-B, A-B, etc.) because A is ladies and B is men.

-Next with only 1 turn per end all finalists are shooting at same moment.

-And Bronze / gold finals are alternating.


Or like a 1440 round, where the long distances are shot with 6 arrows per end, so double the time. While 50 and 30 meter is shot with 3 arrows – 2 minutes.


To prepare the match, the different scenarios can be stored on 12 storage locations. From contest scenario it is known which scenarios are used during the match. You can store them behind F1- F12 key to be able to switch quickly to the different scenario’s.




To store scenarios:


  • Setup the system to the scenario needed. For example select A-B in the timing and sequence menu. Select a number of practice ends, etc.

  • Go to settings --> scenario menu and choose in which location you want the scenario to be stored.



  • And press "Save current settings as F... settings" (For example, if you want the scenario to be stored in F4, select "Save current settings as F4 settings"


  • When you want to select a scenario during a match, select the F.. button on the top site of the keyboard. In this example F4.

  • (Be aware that in case of selecting scenario F5, the F5 button needs to be pressed twice. This is related to some presenters that use F5 to start presenting by pressing F5 on laser pointer).







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