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In the event where time doesn’t matter but still control is needed which archer is shooting, it is useful to use manual mode. It means it is possible to manage the traffic lights without timer.

To setup Indoor/Outdoor matches, go to the timing and sequence menu and select "Manual" .



The settings for 25m1p has 2 main sections.

  • The sound signal menu. To manage the nr of sound signals when switching to a traffic light color.
  • HW button function menu. To manage the function of input buttons (K8055, Raspberry PI GPIO, etc.). which is different than timed operations since there is no need to start, pause or stop a timer.


Sound signals:

The defaults for sound are the same as when a color changes as result of timing. Which means signals red (When end starts). 1 signal when the light becomes green


Hardware button control:

For 5 switches from K8055 or GPIO it is possible to define the function. (go to red, green, etc.)






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