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Configuration 1:
Original design, with some design improvements.



Build the hardware.

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Download material list. (electronics components only)

The material list mentions XBee series 1 modules. However, those modules are rarely available. As alternative you can use an XBee3 but you need to reconfigure / (Downgrade XBEE3) to Xbee series 1. To support 1 to many communication. And to be compatible with real XBee series-1. For instructions see: http://www.archeryclock.com/xbee3_configure.html

As reference for building the screen it is useful to use the material list in combination with the schematics above. The material list is based n using a raster PCB. However, it is also possible to use a the PCB from Dave Nesbitt or Peter Holt.



Configure / upload the software hardware.

  • Load the ino file on the Arduino MEGA board
    • by connecting it via USB to a PC.
    • Install the arduino software to upload the ino file to the arduino board. Software is free available via https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software.
    • Double click on the MEGA ino file which you will find in the ArcheryClock ZIP file directory /ArcheryClockMEGA02_1/ArcheryClockMEGA02_1.ino
    • Ensure the correct com port is selected. And ensure you select the MEGA board in: Tools --> Board --> MEGA 2560
    • Ensure the correct com port is selected via Tools --> Port --> ....
    • Click the upload icon on the top side of the program
    • After successful upload you can close the Arduino program, disconnect the arduino and connect the arduino to the PCB.

  • Verify the correct com port in windows configuration settings.
  • Enable the connection PC to XBEE in ArcheryClock Software: settings menu --> Hardware
    select correct com port and enable the serial checkbox to start communication.


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