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Led Screen.

For outdoor usage there are two possibilities. Use the regular way connecting screens to a computer. But in bright sunlight the screen is not visible in bright sunlight. So a high intensity outdoor screen is needed. Alternatively ArcheryClock offers the possibility to create an cost effective outdoor screen using Led strips.



The basics is 35 euro Arduino Mega board connected to a computer (or raspberry PI) USB connection. The Arduino receives the signal from the ArcheryClock Computer and the downloaded firmware ensures the correct output pins switching on or off the correct segments.


To create a wireless serial USB connection it is advised to use an XBee (series1) connection. This makes it possible to control the timer on a long distance with a high quality wireless connection to the timer screens. Total cost of the wireless connection is approx. 115 euro.  To connect 2 screens on different locations in the archery range with the wireless set costs approx. 150 Euro (1 transmission module+ 2 receiving modules+ antennas, cables, interface modules etc.).

Most expensive part are the Led strips. Price is depending on the size of the screen In this example approx. 130 euro for 1 screen. (260 euro for 2 screens).
Important advice for the design with ledstrips:

  • Use SMD5050 type of LED’s To ensure enough brightness.
  • Use green Leds for the timing digits. Green is better visible in bright sun light then other colors.
  • Glue the strips on a surface with dark (black) background. To ensure a better contrast between visible digits and the surrounding.
  • Use LED strips with dark colored PCB (background) to prevent the segments are still visible when they are off.
  • For the timing segments, preferable use a double line of ledstrips. 

This is the basics. It is possible to deviate from the layout And possible to change the functionality. For example, you can add end number. Archer E and F, arrows for alternating shooting. It is all available in the standard firmware (.ino file) available in the ArcheryClock Zip file. It is also possible to use specific firmware (.ino file) for example to use segments on same position to toggle ABCD. And if needed you can change the functionality per output pin. On this site you will find some examples of developers with different layout functionality. Including a nice PCB design to prevent the need to use a raster PCB. These PCB designs can also be used for the standard layout.



Configuration 1:

Original design, with some design improvements.



Configuration 2:

Dave Nesbitt.

Dave made a PCB design based on original design. But with the extra pins to make end-nr visible. For PCB's you can contact Dave.


Configuration 3:

Peter Holt.

Peter made a PCB design available via Circuitmaker. Big difference compared to other designs is the possibility to DIM the Leds.



  • Cover the Led's with a (plexi)glass plate inder a negative angle. And cover with black sun foil. (Like used for car windows).
  • The angle prevents reflection of sun towards archers.
  • The black foil prevents sun illuminating the (white colored) Led's that are off. The segments that are on, make a nice contrast due to the black background.




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