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Control the Timer with Keyboard or Mouse.



The most basic wayto control the timer is the usage of keyboard and mouse.

An overview of functions to control with keyboard or mouse:


Main controlling keys:


  • Most important controlling key / icon is the "next function"

    On the keyboard the space bar has the next function. ideally the control of the ArcheryClock timer is only done with this next function.


  • Emergency Stop can be triggered with the "E" Key.
    Alternatively it is also possible to press ESC twice.

    If time was running while pressing the Emergency function, it is possible to adjust the time left over with arrow keys. The time will continue pressing the next function.


  • Stop can be controlled with "S" key

  • Pause/Play can be controlled with "P" key



  • Countdown to start match can be started with the "C" key

    By default the countdown time is set to 4 minutes. It can be adjusted to maximum 60 minutes in the setting menu chapter "countdown to start match"


  • Correcting turn or end number. Selecting left or right archer, can be done with arrow keys.

    Because some laser pointers also use the arrow key function to control the timer, it is possible to change he function per arrow key.
    To modify functions go to:

    Settings menu --> Control settings --> Keyboard key settings.


  • The ShootOFF can be triggered pressing the "1" key. on the left side of the keyboard

    The same function counts for 1 recovery arrow in case an archer has issues with shooting gear.
    To recover from multiple arrows the keys 2 to 6 can be used depending on the number of arrows to recover. Pressing "2", 2 times the shootOFF time will be triggered. Pressing "3", 3 times. Etc.

  • The recovery arrows start with 10 seconds preparation (red) time.

  • To start recovery arrows without 10 seconds preparation time, select "shift"+1, "shift"+12, etc.

    Be aware this only functions for the 1 to 6 key at the left side of the keyboard. Not the numeric path on the right side.




ShootOFF timing can be changed in timing and sequence menu for the different shooting modes.

  • The F1 to F12 keys on topside of the keyboard are used to select a stored scenario.

    See chapter "using prepared scenario" for a more detailed information for this functionality.


  • A lot of laser pointers use the pageUp and PageDown key to control a presentation. So by changing the laser pointer key functions, it possible to change the function for page up or down. Some pointers have an extra button to blank the page during a presentation. This is done simulating the "B" or "."(period) key. So it is also possible to manipulate the function behind this key.

    To modify functions go to:

    Settings menu --> Control settings --> Laser pointer control.


  • To hide unnecessary icons, press the "H" key. Or click on one of the timing digits.

  • By pressing again, the icons will get visible again.


  • Switch between Seconds or minute notation is possible using the "M" key.


  • It is possible to shut down the system or the remote (follow) system with a key combination. (Raspberry-PI shutdown only)

  • By pressing "CTRL+END" the remote system will shut down.

    By pressing "CTRL+HOME" the main system will shut down.





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