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Outdoor Full Matrix






Full Outdoor Matrix. The economic outdoor ArcheryClock timer.

  • Connected to ArcheryClock timer via WIFI broadcast.
  • Design is based on 9  outdoor P10 matrix panels to create a 960mm x 480mm screen.

    • 4 white panels to create the timing screen.
    • a red, orange and green panel for traffic lights and end number.

    • green panels for sequence information (ABCD)
  • Connection to ArcheryClock system via ESP32. (WIFI).





material list.

Schematic overview.

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Design above is based on Traffic lights on right side of the time digits. It will also become possible to place the traffic lights at the left side of the time digits. Matrix's are routed in a different way and in the MEGA2560 board a setting needs to be changed before uploading the software to the board.


Because of performance constraints, the combination of writing/calculating the matrix's and communication between modules, it is chosen to use 2 mega boards and an ESP32 board.

ESP32 board takes care for:

  • Receiving the WIFI broadcast signal.
  • Detecting the switch positions (for contrast, left/right config and buzzer on/off).
  • Filter the data and split into digits (time) information and sequence information for the different MEGA modules.
  • Generate the sound from Buzzer. (To be amplified by Audio amplifier)

Digits MEGA2560 takes care for:

  • converting the time signal into matrix display time digits.

Sequence MEGA2560 takes care for:

  • converting the sequence signal into Matrix display for traffic lights.
  • converting the sequence signal into Matrix display for sequence info like AB-CD, Bottom/TOP, Left/right, etc.



Data flow:
Laptop with ArcheryClock, Broadcast via WLAN (WIFI)




WIFI signal received by ESP32



| |

Via I2C bus ( data line (SDA) + clock line (SCL) ) to The 2 MEGA boards.




material list. (electronics components only)


Downoading Softwareto ESP and Arduino boards






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