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Frequently Asked Questions




Which Version of Raspberry PI should I use?

  • The version of Raspberry PI to use is at least version 2 or newer.
  • Raspberry PI-1 and zero do not perform good enough to show the time without hick-ups.
  • In general, it is advised to use Raspberry PI with best performance. At this moment this is Raspberry PI 4.
  • When using the (W)LAN network for multicasting, the advice is to use cabled network. The standard WIFI antenna on the Raspberry PI will lead to timing hick-ups since board will sometimes receive the timing signal too late due to the antenna. The LAN connection on the Raspberry PI doesn't show this issue.

Can I use ArcheryClock on windows XP systems?

  • Yes, it is possible to run ArcheryClock on Windows XP systems. But the latest versions can lead to issues because of a change in sound software.
  • The last version which is showing good performance on windows XP systems is

Is ArcheryClock supporting MAC OS?

  • ArcheryClock does not support MAC OS. There are also no plans to support this in future.

  • Main reason is that a lot of libraries / drivers used to create the software, do not support MAC OS. Currently ArcheryClock software is only supported for Windows and Linux (Raspbian).

It is mentioned that the keys 1, 2 and 3 can be used for shoot-off or make-up arrows. But this doesn't seem to function?

  • The 1, 2 and 3 buttons to use are the keyboard keys on the left side of the keyboard. So not the ones on the numerical keyboard. The keys on the numerical keyboard are reserved for future functionality.

When I put the system in Follow mode, the system gets locked up. Everything looks frozen.

  • In follow mode the system will "follow" the broadcasted timing of another (Main) system via the LAN network. If the main system is not sending time pulses over the network, the client or follow systems look like they are frozen since they are continuously looking for the broadcasted information from main system.

    The reason the main system doesn't broadcast time pulses can be:

    • There is no main system? In this case use a main system or don't use follow mode since follow mode doesn't have added value without a main system.
    • Is the "sent broadcast" checkbox enabled on the main system? When unchecked it will not broadcast timing signals to the client systems
    • Do all systems use the correct broadcast address and port number? All systems should use the same broadcast address and port number. If those are not the same, the client (follow) system will not detect the broadcasted signal from the main system. The network menu also mentions an IP address and password. This is not related to the functionality of broadcasting from main to follow system.

The systems in follow mode show different content than the main system.

  • Ensure all systems use the same software release version. The release version is visible on the top of the screen. Reason for differences is added functionality. If the new functionality is used on the main system but not supported on client (follow) system, the client system will show a different layout. Or different sequence information.




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