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Create external hardware connected via K8055:

As basis for the hardware, a USB interface board K8055(N) or VM110(N) from Velleman can be used.
This board has 5 digital inputs that can be used to connect the push buttons to control the Countdown (Next, Pause, Stop, Archer left, Archer right).
It has 8 digital outputs that can be used to switch the lamps for A, B, C, D, Red, Orange or Green and the Buzzer by the Countdown Software.

velleman k8055


The address of the board should be set to address 0. 
If the board is connected to the PC, the Countdown software will recognize the board during startup. 
If the board get connected when the Countdown software is already running, click the connect icon on the right bottom side. When connected the software will indicate that board version V2 is connected. 

To switch lamps on mains voltage (110-230Volt AC) it is possible to use relays. But a cheaper and more reliable solution is using Triacs. And use opto couplers to separate the Low voltage from PC and the high voltage from mains. 


Diagram below shows an example. (Extra switches are added to add a buzzer push button and to switch of the buzzer).

electric circuit diagram electric circuit diagram


It is possible to change the functionality of the buttons to control the timer:

  • Open the Settings Menu
  • Select Tab "Control Settings"
  • Go to (scroll to) the section "USB/Serial input settings" to Choose the functions from button 1 to 5.
  • Press "Save as startup setting" at the top side of the menu to ensure the function is stored for next time to run the program.






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