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Timer Control.


There are various ways to control the timer. Basically all control equipment need to have a data connection with the main system (PC or Raspberry PI). It can be as simple as a keyboard or mouse. But also other hardware like a PowerPoint presenter. Or an APP on smartphone/smartwatch.


Below an overview of hardware that can be used to control the timer. And links to explain further how the equipment can be connected and configured to interface with the ArcheryClock timer.



Keyboard / Mouse:


The most basic way to control the timer is the usage of keyboard and mouse.

Find out which key combinationa are possible. And the functions of the control icons.




(Laser) Pointer:

Easy and practical way to control the timer is the usage of a laserpointer. Formally used to control a PowerPoint presentation.


Basically the buttons on the pointer simulate the buttons on a keyboard. But the key function can differ per brand or type of pointer.

Find out how to modify the key-functions in the ArcheryClock application.




Elgato Streaming Deck mini (Win10 only):

The Elgato Streaming Deck is a useful keyboard to control the timer. It has 6 buttons (the mini version) with ArcheryClock Icons to control the timer. Be aware it is only usable if the controlling ArcheryClock timer is running Windows 10.

Find out the details and how to setup the minideck for usage with ArcheryClock.




K8055 (Velleman):

Next to output channels the K8055 has also 5 controlling input buttons. The functions of the buttons can be changed by the ArcheryClock Software.

Find out the details and setup for K8055.



Be aware the K8055 is only usable when the controlling ArcheryClock software is running on windows. It is not possible to use in combination with Raspberry-PI (Linux). Which is also not needed z=since the GPIO buttons on Raspberry PI can be used.



GPIO (Raspberry PI):

The GPIO pins from Raspberry PI can be used for output and input. The ArcheryClock software configures 7 pins as input pin. Useful to control the timer.

The function per input pin can be controlled by ArcheryClock Software.


Find out the electronics connection and setup of the GPIO pins to use them for controlling the ArcheryClock Timer.





Touch Portal:

Touchportal is comparable to streamingdeck as an app on a smartphone. Basically the Touchportal Software on ArcheryClock (Windows) PC configures buttons with Icons to simulate ArcheryClock Controlling icons.

The Touchportal App on Smartphone shows the configured buttons and applies the function to control the timer.


Find out how to setup and control the timer with TouchPortal app





Powerpoint app:

There are several apps available in appstores. They can be used to control the ArcheryClock Timer.


a Nice example is the PowerPoint app for Samsung Galaxy watches. It enabled you to control the timer with your watch connected with Bluetooth to the ArcheryClock controlling computer. (PC or Raspberry PI)


Find out the details.





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