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Control music volume

It is possible to control the audio (Music) volume on another computer automatically depending of the status of the timer. For example higher the music volume when retrieving arrows. And lower the volume or stop the music when archers start shooting.


At the moment the ArcheryClock software can only control VLC media player.


Settings on the PC with VLC media player:


  • On the Computer with VLC installed, go to Tools and select Preferences



  • Show settings - all (at the bottom of the screen)



  • Go to Interface -->Main interfaces.
  • select checkbox "Lua interpreter"
  • select checkbox "Remote Control interface"
  • and press save.


  • Go to Tools -->Preference
    --> Show settings all (at the bottom of the screen)
    -->Interface -->Main interface
    --> LUA
  •  TCP command input fill in the Host name and port number. In this example " musicPC:5005"
    (to know the Hostname of VLC-PC type "hostname" in a command prompt)

  • and press save.


  • Close VLC

  • and startup VLC again.

  • Ensure it is playing music.



Settings on the PC where Archeryclock is running:


  • Go to setting menu --> sound

  • Enable "control audio" checkbox.

  • In "IP address of audio device" fill in the host name of PC with VLC. In this example "musicPC".
  • In port number field, use port number of the VLC player. In this example 5005.
  • press reconnect.
  • In the same menu you can set the volumes per phase.
  • By pressing "save as startup settings" it will startup like this next time.




  • In case the connection is not successful, use the IP address of the VLC computer instead of hostname.




© 2020, Henk Jegers