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PowerPoint Presenter app.


There are several apps available in app stores. They can be used to control the ArcheryClock Timer.


a Nice example is the PowerPoint app for Samsung Galaxy watches. It enabled you to control the timer with your watch connected with Bluetooth to the ArcheryClock controlling computer. (PC or Raspberry PI)



like some other app's the Samsung galaxy watch presenter app uses the arrow up / down function (from keyboard) to control a presentation. And in this case the ArcheryClock timer. By default the arrow up/down key from keyboard are configures as "end-up / end-down". So to use the app the function of these keys need to change:

  • Go to settings menu and select the control settings tab. (1)
  • Click Preference 2 which changes the function of the arrow up and down key to "next" function. (2)
  • To store these setting for next usage, click the save as startup settings button.





The majority of the presenter apps use buttons that can be controlled in the menu settings --> Control settings.

The field “Laser pointer Control” represent

  • PGUP key.
  • PGDWN key.
  • B or period key (Blank button).

The field “keyboard key settings” it is possible to change the function of the arrow keys.




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