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Refers to a system mainly used for final rounds where competing archers shoot one after another (alternating). It was mainly introduced to make archery more attractive for viewing audience. It is also the system used during Olympics after an outdoor round.


The system is used for indoor and outdoor. It is available for individual and team round. Typical difference between individual and team is resetting the timing.

  • On individual round every alternating arrow has a fixed time, typically 20 seconds. Every arrow again starts at 20 seconds independent how many seconds were left over after previous arrow.
  • On team round the time left over stays in between arrows. In case of a team match with 3 archers per team, every team get in total 120 seconds for 6 arrow. (2 arrows per team member) Every team member of team A shoots 1 arrow and after shooting the 1st arrow per team member the time pauses for team A and starts running for their competing team B. After all Team B members shot their arrow, the timer for team B freezes and Team A timer continues for the second arrow per team member. So there is only one archer shooting which makes it easy for the audience to track state of a competition.


For shootoff, for individual round the same time is per arrow as the alternating match is used  (typically 20 seconds). But the typical number of arrows is one per archer.

For the Team round the shootoff time can be modified and is depending on number of team members. Typically count 20 seconds per team member together. So in case of 3 team members it is 3X20=60 seconds.

To setup Indoor/Outdoor matches, go to the timing and sequence menu and select "Alternating Finals" .







The settings for Alternating finals has 4 main sections.

  • The sequence menu. Mainly because sequence in team matches is different than individual matches. And nr. of turns is depending on nr. of team members.
  • Timing menu. Also timing is dependent on team size.
  • Showing menu. Because alternating means different screens/monitor per team/archer.
  • And a small one, Sound. Yes or no sound when alternating.


To make the settings easier, there are 3 default buttons. For usage of the most common settings during WA alternating matches.

Default settings for sequence and timing.

There are 3 default settings commonly used in WA alternating matches. These settings buttons preset the sequence and timing (shoot time and shootoff) for:

  • Individual alternating matches. (3 arrows per archer, 20 sec per arrow, etc.)
  • Team round. 3 archers per team. (total 6 arrows per team, 2 minutes per team, corresponding shootoff timing, etc.).
  • Mixed team round. Main difference with team round is 2 instead of 3 archers per team. Which has impact on timing, sequence and shootoff timing.


Setup sequence:

The first setting in the sequence menu determines if the match is an individual round or team round. This means an important sequence difference.

  • for individual rounds there is a fixed time per arrow (per turn). Every arrow the time starts ticking on the default time (20 seconds).
  • For team round there is a fixed time for all arrows of a team. When alternate to the other team, the system remembers the time left over for when alternating back.

Turns per end is by default:

  • 3 for individual matches (3 arrows per archer)
  • 2 for team matches. (2 arrows per archer).

While Turns per end for shootoff is by default:

  • 1 for individual matches. (1 arrow per archer)
  • 3 for team matches. looks strange, but this is the case because there is only 1 arrow per archer. But alternating will happen 3 times in this case because there are 3 arrows per team. (alternating will happen per arrow in this case)






Setup Timing:

What will be recognized is a different set of timings for individual round and team round. When selecting individual round in the sequence settings, there are no separate settings for Shootoff in the timing menu. This is the case because shootoff timing per arrow for shootoff is the same as timing for regular alternating arrows.

While for the team round the timing for shootoff is different since the timing is not based per arrow, but per set of arrows for all team members.

As an example in the team round with 3 team members, in the regular alternating team match timing is 120 seconds. (for 6 arrows average 20 seconds per arrow)In the team match the time pauses when alternating while the time resets per alternate for individual round.


Shootoff in alternating team round is based on 1 arrow per team member. So 60 seconds in total for a team size of 3.




Show Screen:

By default both alternating timers are visible on one screen And optionally a target number can be added to the screen.


It is possible to show only the left or only the right timer (screen). This is possible for the case it is chosen to use one "follow" system. For example the follow system shows the left timer (left screen) and the main timer uses the right side timer. (screen).


Left screen

both sceens

right screen


Sound signal:

By default the box "Sound signal when changing archer" is unchecked. It means there will be no signal hen alternating from archer to archer. Except for when the time left over is zero. To be more specific, when alternating is triggered by pressing the next button, there is no sound signal. If alternate is triggered because time is over, there will be a sound signal. Rationale is that sound is leading. Because the judge needs to see if an archer shoots the arrow before the sound (the time is over) so the arrow will count. Or if the bow releases the arrow after the sound. Which means the arrow counts as a miss.

If the checkbox is enabled, there will be 1 sound signal for every iteration.







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