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Overview of small features.


Next to multiple possible configurations, control methods and styles there are some other functionalities worth full to mention. Functionality not part of core needs for the timer, but useful additions.


Countdown before shooting.

It is possible to start the timer up to an hour (60 minutes) before match start to show the audience when the match starts. After the countdown reaches zero, the timer automatically starts with the red time of the first (practice) end.

It is possible to start the match before the timer reaches zero by pressing “next”. Or to stop the timer by pressing stop.

The time is shown in blue text to indicate the difference with the normal timing.

By default the time is 4 minutes and can be triggered using the Icon.

To adjust the time go to:

  • settings menu --> Countdown to start match
  • adjust the minutes in “countdown time before start match”



While shooting there is an area (Banner) at the bottom of the screen that shows the “www.archeryclock.com” text. This can be changed by a different banner. For example the club logo.

In the settings menu --> screen layout tab there is an area “Banner” which enables you to change the banner. Select the “Choose” button to select an image file to be used as Banner. Advice is to prepare a banner picture relatively wide, low height. (banner shape).

After selecting the banner press “save as startup settings” to ensure the banner is selected for next startups.





Slide shows.

In between ends and before / after the match it is possible to present slides showing general information. Or to show advertisements.

Next to info slides it is possible to show a slide with actual time and date.

In the settings menu --> screen layout tab there is an area “Show large screen images when retrieving arrows”. Here you can enable the slide with actual time/date. And/or enable other “background” slides.

You can add/remove slides (images) via add image/remove image button.

By default the timing in between slides is 10 seconds. But this can be adjusted.










Change the screen colors.

By default the background of the timer is black and the digits colors are depending on the state of the timer. (red, yellow, green…). However, this can be adjusted in settings menu -->Screen Colors.

There are 8 predefined color settings with colors background/timer digits changing depending on timer state. Additional there is a 9th possibility “adjust colors” which opens an additional menu where it is possible to adjust the colors per state.





The default tone of the signal changed from release 2.6. However it is still possible to select the original tone.

In the settings menu --> sound it is possible to select a tone. The standard tone till release 2.5 was "Buzzer1". As of version 2.6 this is “AC1”.

Additionally it is possible to adjust the music volume depending the state of the timer by enabling checkbox “Control Audio”. More info about this functionality see "control music volume".


Seconds or Minutes?

As of version 2.6 the default notation is seconds (120 seconds instead of 2:00 minutes). It is easily possible to go back to minutes notation by pressing the “M” key on the keyboard. Or go to the settings menu --> screen layout tab. And enable the “Min.” box.

Blink red when prepare shooting.

Since version 2.6 the red light is blinking during the 10 seconds prepare shooting. For all styles. If you prefer to keep the red light on during the prepare shooting period:

  • Go to the timing and sequence menu .
  • Uncheck the Blink red light during prepare shooting.


© 2020, Henk Jegers