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25m1P is a system typically used in northwest of Europe. (Belgium and the Netherlands). 25m1P stands for 1 arrow per archer per end, Shooting on a distance of 25 meter. Maximum archers per target is 6. However, to speed up the match it is possible to assign less archers per target. So it is possible to modify the number of archers per target per end.

By default the sequence (starting archer, etc.) doesn’t change. However, in some matches they will change to prevent the same archer always has to start. (with the risk of damaging the arrow by a arrow hit from another archer). So it is possible to rotate the starting archer per end.

To setup 25m1p matches, go to the timing and sequence menu and select "25m1p" .



The settings for 25m1p has 2 main sections.

  • The sequence menu. Mainly because sequence is depending on the number of archers per target.
  • Timing menu. (time per archer per arrow to shoot)


Setup sequence:

The first setting in the sequence menu is the number of archers per target which can vary. The other settings are in most cases by default the same.

  • Archers per target: The maximum is 6. From origin matches are shot with teams of 6 persons. But nowadays it is also common to shoot with 4 persons teams. The number of archers per target is mostly determined by the size of the archery range and number of archers in the match. More archers per target means the match will take longer.
  • By default a match starts with 5 practice arrows.
  • Default situation or 25m1P matches is that the same archer always starts per end (per arrow). So by default the 2 checkboxes for archer nr 1 starting for counting and practice arrows are checked. However, there are regions where starting archer rotates. This is mainly driven by the risk an arrow of an archer hits the arrow of another archer. Risk is equal when starting archer rotates.






Setup Timing:

By default, shooting timing is 45 seconds per arrow per archer. With 10 seconds to prepare. (changing archer.)





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