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    Please let us know your impression about the countdown. Or how we can improve it.

    • If you need new functionality
    • or improvements in usability.
    • If you can help with extra languages (currently only Dutch an English is implemented).
    • Maybe you have good ideas to improve the hardware?

    Please sent a mail to feedback@archeryclock.com

    If you use the countdown with your own logo, please sent a screenshot. We are collecting the screenshots. (and off course we are also interested in the usage of this countdown).




    The following people contributed to archeryclock
    -Henk Jegers (initial version, Dutch translation).
    -Yann Morère (Linux support, French translation).
    -Marco Magnanelli (Spanish translation).
    -Dennis Allerkamp (German translation).
    -Eduardo del Piano (Italian Translation).
    -Gájer Szilárd (Hungarian Translation).
    -Nick Raptis (Greek Translation).
    -Claus Pedersen (Danish Translation).
    -Magnus Grabski (Swedish Translation).
    -Kalev Palling (Estonian Translation).


For more info contact info@archeryclock.com
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