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Setup the countdown for FITA Finals Individual round.


In case of individual rounds, the archers shoot alternating. 20 seconds per arrow.

Every archer shoots 3 arrows per end.

The archer with the lowest score starts in the next end.


Setup the countdown for FITA Finals Individual round:

  • Click the clock icon:

  • From the menu select FITA finals (alternating):

  • select ‘Time per turn /arrow (individual round)’:
    FITA sequence

  • Optionally the number of turns (arrows) per end can be changed.timing
    • Optionally the timing per arrow can be changed.

    • Optionally the ‘Use BCD lights as ROG lights (right side)’ can be selected. This is used when hardware V2 is used. In that case the lights for B, C and D can be used as lights for Red, orange and green for the right side archer. (right and left archer are alternating so do not have a green light at the same moment).

  • click the clock icon to remove the menu:

Starting the countdown:

After setting up the countdown, first select which archer has to start. This is possible by pressing the right or left arrow on the keyboard or clicking on one of the large grey arrows on the screen.

    rightsidebuttons rightsidebuttons




The timer starts after pressing the space bar or clicking the next button:



If the archer has finished shooting the arrow, it is possible to stop the clock and go to the next turn by pressing space bar or clicking the next button.




© 2014, Henk Jegers