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World archery (Fita) system:

Typically for FITA system is the use of A, B, C or D archers, depending on the number of archers per target. (In case of 2 archers per target A and B are used. 3 archers per target A, B and C are used. 4 archers per target A, B, C and D are used. )

Fita is used for indoor tournaments on 18 meters. Or for outdoor tournaments on 90, 70, 60, 50 and 30 meters. Depending on the situation a different sequence is used. In most situations 4 archers will shoot per target, 2 archers per target at the same time.

Every end is 3 arrows in 2 minutes, however, on the longer distances (90, 70 and 60 meters), two ends will be shot before counting the arrows.

In this case it is possible to shoot 6 arrows in a row in 4 minutes (2x2 minutes) or 2 separate series of 2 minutes per archer. This has impact on the sequence.



Setup the countdown for FITA short distances. (3 arrows). 18 meters, 30 meters or 50 meters.


Setup the countdown for FITA long distances. (6 arrows). 60 meters, 70 meters or 90 meters.



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