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Led Screen


The interface with PC is via an arduino MEGA board. Can be done via USB cable, but because of the limited maximum length of an USB cable (5 Meter) it is advised to use a serial or wireless connection. For example via Xbee modules.

Xbee connection

Archeryclock Software version 2.3 or newer supports the serial interface with arduino.
In the ArcheryClock software select Settings --> Hardware. Select the correct com port and enable the checkbox "serial".

(In windows you can find the correct serial port in control panel --> Device manager.)

connect serial

Software on arduino MEGA Board:

The software for the arduino board is in the zipfile of the ArcheryClock program in directory "ArcheryClockMEGA01".

To download the software on the arduino board, use the software on the arduino site.

Some other advices for the led screen:

  • For outdoor usage, use LED strips of the type "5050 SMD". They give 3 times more light than the regular "3528 SMD". For only indoor usage, "3528 SMD" is enough.
  • Use dark (black) background material. And if possible also dark PCB color from LED strips.
  • Use colored LED's for digits. That's better visible than white. (Differs more compared to the white light of the sun).


PCB top

PCB bottom

During Fita


During Fita Finals (alternating)

Electrical Layout





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