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25m1P system:


25m1p system is a traditional system used in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Originally no timer was used but nowadays a timer is used at official competitions.


Archers shoot on a distance of 25 m. 1 arrow per turn (25m1p)

In most cases teams exist of 6 persons, but they can be smaller or spread over 2 targets.
Every archer has 45 seconds to shoot 1 arrow. The archers on a target decide together the sequence of shooting.


Setup the countdown for 25m1p

  • Click the clock icon:

  • From the menu select 25m1p:

  • select the correct timing (default is 30 seconds green, 15 seconds orange and 15 seconds red). And select the correct number of archers per target.

    FITA sequence

  • optionally the box ‘Use ABCD lights for 1st 4 archers’ can be selected. This is used when hardware V2 is used. In that case the lights for A,B, C and D (used in fita system) can be used to indicate archer 1, 2, 3 or 4 is shooting. In case an archer higher than 4 is shooting, the ABCD lights are off.


  • click the clock icon to remove the menu:

Starting the countdown:

After setting up the countdown the first (practice) end starts after pressing the space bar or clicking the next button:


If all archers are finished shooting their arrows before the 45 seconds are finished, it is possible to stop the clock and go to the next turn by pressing space bar or clicking the next button.



Note: if the clock started up in another end than the first (practice) end, it is possible to correct this by pressing the up/down arrows on the keyboard or clicking the arrows on the left bottom side of the screen:



Same for correcting the turns, in that case use the left/right button on the keyboard or click the arrow buttons on the right bottom side of the screen.


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